Must We Bend Over Backwards to Hear Nuts?

Sometimes we mistake that because we live in a free country, we freely must bend over backwards to hear nuts.

That's fine. Here's what isn't.

Freely choosing who is free to speak.

Tyrants you like, I guess. Not the people trying to keep them in check, I know.

Ahmadinejad OK. Reserve Officer Training Corps not OK.

I commend the president of Columbia University for relaying his apparent disgust over Ahmadinejad's leadership. I just don't remember him relaying the same disgust when he and his university booted the ROTC recruiters from his campus.

Look, it's a free country. And universities are free to choose the nuts they want on campus. Our constitution protects nuts. And their nutty musings.

What's ironic at Columbia is that the men and women who protect that constitution are the nuts, and aren't protected at Columbia. They're not even wanted at Columbia.

So we're free to see those who'd sooner kill us. And not free to see those who might want to save us.

Only in America can we be so stupid to value the rights of a tyrant to speak, over the simple decency of freedom lovers' desire to protect.

One thing I've learned, all the Ivy League education in the world doesn't mean you still can't be an ass. Just a smart ass.

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