MTV (search) said its new broadband video channel, MTV Overdrive (search), will include the dedicated "My VMAs" (search) channel to allow fans the chance "to relive and remix" highlights from Sunday's show along with additional coverage of arrivals, parties and interviews.

"It's a way to give people a more complete experience," said Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks Music Group. "What we found with the VMAs is it creates a lot of watercooler talk about what you missed or saw ... whether it was Michael (Jackson) kissing Lisa Marie (Presley) or Madonna kissing Britney (Spears)."

Broadband users will be able to replay the ceremony and sample the bonus material at will, including performances from bands including the Killers. The "My VMAs" customization feature will be available after the show concludes.

Diddy will host the Video Music Awards, airing 8 p.m. EDT Sunday from Miami.

The broadband effort follows MTV's much criticized coverage of the international Live 8 charity concerts in July, which observers said suffered in comparison with the more comprehensive attention from America Online.

Between commercials, interviews and reports from correspondents, MTV often showed only a song or two from several of the performances. AOL visitors could choose from video feeds from London and other cities and performances were shown in their entirety.

Toffler said there was no connection between the VMA broadband coverage and fallout from Live 8. The "My VMAs" effort was in the planning for months for MTV Overdrive, which launched in April, he said.

"What Live 8 did show is that when there is a connection between the TV event and the choice of on-demand consumption after the event, everybody wins," Toffler said.

VMA coverage already is available on MTV Overdrive, including a look at the nominees with MTV's Damien Fahey and a profile of first-time nominee My Chemical Romance.

A live post-show segment will include reporting from MTV News' Kurt Loder, John Norris, Sway Calloway, SuChin Pak and Gideon Yago. All of the awards coverage will be available on MTV Overdrive for a month after the ceremony.