Mr. Jonas Goes to Washington

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now something really special just for you, Joe Jonas from the superstar Jonas Brothers goes "On the Record." Joe just came here to Washington, and our own Griff Jenkins spent the day with him.

What was Joe doing here? Lobbying for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act of 2010, a bill that continues funding for the Special Olympics. The day started with a run.


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: you landed an hour ago just ran a couple miles. Joe Jonas, what is it like to get off the plane and run?

JOE JONAS, JONAS BROTHERS: Good wake-up, like a cup of coffee. It's great, awesome.

JENKINS: You are out here for a good cause, the Special Olympics. Why are you coming to Washington today? What's your goal?

JONAS: Just spreading the word about the 2010 Special Olympics and getting the record out and to raise money for the Special Olympics this year. And we came out to show our support here in Washington.

I think it is going to be awesome. We are going to take some meetings today with some key people that can make some things happen for 2010. So it's going to be a great day.

JENKINS: Every teenager in America listens to your sons. Will the members of Congress listen to your message about the Eunice Shriver Act?

JONAS: I think so. I think we won't leave until they do.

JENKINS: Joe is no longer running. He is up on Capitol Hill lobbying for the Special Olympics. Joe, you met Speaker of the House Pelosi. You never met her, right?

JONAS: Never met her before, very sweet lady, a lot of fun, and it was a great meeting, almost a tear jerker at times.

JENKINS: Joe, you are used to going into a packed stadium with hundreds of thousands of fans. But in there you are on a mission to do something for a better good, for a cause. Is it different being on Capitol Hill doing what you are doing right now as opposed to hitting a stadium for a show?

JONAS: It definitely is different, but a good different. It is something that really has been on my heart for a long time. Special Olympics is something that I've wanted to be able to help raise money and awareness for.

JENKINS: Truth, between you and I, just us, -- truth, between you and I -- did the speaker ask you whether the Brothers are broken up or not?

JONAS: She did not ask me that if she did, I would have probably said no, because you can't break up brothers. We're still playing music, so that wouldn't be true.

JENKINS: Joe Jonas is meeting with Congressman Price in North Carolina, and some fans seemed to have noticed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's so exciting. I didn't know who it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We saw him and we are excited for him to come out.

JENKINS: Who would you rather see, your representative or Joe Jonas?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Definitely Joe Jonas.

JENKINS: What is tougher, judging "American Idol" or lobbying Capitol Hill?

JONAS: Wow, I think they are pretty equal. They are both fun, honestly. When you are so passionate about one thing it makes it easy. Music I'm so passionate about it, it made it easy. This Special Olympics, I'm passionate about it, makes it easy. And I'm having a great time.

JENKINS: It's pretty impressive to have Joe Jonas in your office, right?

REP. DAVID OBEY, D - WIS.: Well, he's a good musician and I play in a bluegrass band, so we have a musical connection even though he's good enough to get paid and I'm not.

JENKINS: Thank you congressman.

Senator, Joe Jonas and the Special Olympics committee came visited with you. How did the meeting go?

SEN. LISA MURKOWSKI, R - AK: It was great. The advocacy that we have with the individual athletes coming and talking about what they do, but recognizing the history that we have with Special Olympics and the Shriver family and all that they have done to bring awareness to the issue.

But then to have this next generation of leadership and advocacy here to promote such an incredible cause such a Special Olympics, this is just terrific.

JENKINS: Joe, senator was pretty nice to you?

JONAS: She has given me a lot of credit.

MURKOWSKI: We're counting on you.

JONAS: It was a great meeting. I think everyone in that room is really looking forward to doing great things for Special Olympics.

JENKINS: What was your impressions of the day? How are you holding up?

JONAS: I think I didn't meet everyone. There's a lot more people on Capitol Hill. But we had a fun time. And, you know, I feel like this is just the beginning of what possibly I can help with what I can do, using what I have to get the word out.

JENKINS: Do you feel you are setting an example for other young people?

JONAS: I hope so. I guess I could say, yes, because I've seen kids come up to me many times saying they are going to get involved with Special Olympics or they are going to change the way they treat their friends that may have intellectual disabilities, and things like that that, and that makes me so happy.

I think, for me, it's almost a very satisfying feeling to feel touched when I see people being touched.

JENKINS: Very last question -- for female viewers are you single, dating anyone? What is the story?

JONAS: I'm single. I've been single now for over six months, and it has been great. It is good for me.

JENKINS: We report, you decide. Joe Jonas is single. That's it on Capitol Hill.

JONAS: Valentine's Day is coming up.

JENKINS: That's right.


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