A middle-aged man who lost his factory job after 30 years because of outsourcing finds another — at a fast-food restaurant — in a new television commercial a liberal interest group started airing Tuesday in Ohio.

MoveOn.org's (search) voter fund is spending $500,000 to run the 30-second spot for a week in the Midwest state, one of nation's hardest hit by the economic recession and a battleground in the presidential election. The spot also is airing on cable channels in Washington, D.C.

"You put in 30 years at the factory. You got good pay, health care. Then they send your job overseas. And under George Bush, the company actually gets a tax break for doing it," the ad says as the man gets ready for work.

"Now Bush says we're in a recovery. And after a year, you finally land another job. And you wonder, is this what you worked your whole life for?" the ad says. The screen shows the man in a white paper fry-cook hat and pans out to reveal the restaurant, called "The All-American Burger."

The Bush campaign has accused MoveOn, which has run millions of dollars worth of anti-Bush ads, of airing misleading commercials and not reflecting the views of mainstream Americans. MoveOn has denied the charges.

On Tuesday, the Bush campaign held a conference call with Sen. Zell Miller (search), D-Ga., to challenge any notion that the economy is not growing and only low-paying jobs have been added. Miller said 60 percent of new jobs pay higher than the national average and the "economy is growing at the fastest rate it's grown in 20 years" under Bush.

Meanwhile, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has been running a TV ad in Missouri, Wisconsin, Oregon, Arizona and Pennsylvania over the past week, taking Bush to task for rising gasoline prices.

Communities for Quality Education, which describes itself as a national education advocacy group that supports public schools, also started running commercials this month in Florida, Ohio, Arizona and Nevada, criticizing Bush on the federal education reform act.