Move Over, Leinart!

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It's been a fascinating series of shows as we watch a war unfold before our eyes. It reminds me of Iraq and Afghanistan in years prior. What's different about this war is that the United States is not in it.

FOX News' Bill Hemmer and Shep Smith have joined our incredible Jerusalem bureau. I think you agree that Jennifer Griffin, Dana Lewis, Mike Tobin and Greg Burke have been doing great courageous work. I just love going out to a reporter and not knowing what they will say — what changes they observed or lived through.

On Tuesday, Nick Burns, Under Secretary of State, Mort Zuckerman, editor of U.S. News & World Report, and Barbara Ferguson, D.C. bureau chief of Arab News, helped us push the story here in New York.

As for the fun part of the show, both Matt Leinart and Johnny Bench dropped by our show.

Bench was awesome and wowed Steve with his pure weather-casting skills. The Reds Hall of Famer is just as good on TV as he was behind the plate. Last time Bench came by we played Whiffleball. Next time, we will have a special surprise.

We arranged a special quarterback test for Leinart and I have to say… I was brilliant. I actually hit a 35 yard pass and Matt came up just short. I was not hitting 12-yard passes before the segment, but I came up big on-air. I probably will never step up again and I just have to savor the moment.

On Wednesday, amongst our guests will be Dan Marino — we'll find out if he has anything left in his sports tank. Plus, we'll be joined by author Bernie Goldberg.

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