Mother Pleads for Assistance in Finding Missing San Diego Girl

A mother pleaded for help Wednesday in finding her missing 7-year-old daughter, who police believe was abducted from home over the weekend.

"Please continue to get the word out about our little girl," Brenda van Dam said, holding Danielle's doll.

Police on Wednesday continued searching for the 4-foot-tall girl who vanished between Friday night, when her father put her to bed, and Saturday morning, when her mother went to wake her up.

There have been no arrests. Police said Danielle's parents were not suspects.

On Monday and Tuesday, investigators searched the home of a neighbor who was not identified. They impounded two of his vehicles and accompanied him to a desert area where he said he spent much of the weekend.

"We have been focusing on him but I'm not going to characterize him as a prime suspect," Lt. Jim Collins said.

The van Dams said they don't know the neighbor well.

"He's an acquaintance. He's not a friend," the girl's father, Damon van Dam, said Wednesday. "We've seen him since we moved in. We wave to him, we say 'Hello' to him when we drive by."

The neighbor said he shared a few drinks with Brenda van Dam and her friends at a bar Friday but left alone before midnight.

Damon van Dam said he awoke around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. As he let the dog out, he said he noticed a blinking burglar alarm light and an open sliding glass door. He closed it but didn't check Danielle's room.

Brenda van Dam came home around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. She said she discovered her daughter missing when she went to wake her.