Mother Dies 5 Years to the Day Car Crash Put Her in Coma

A woman who gave birth in a coma died five years to the day that a head-on collision left her severely brain damaged. She was 39.

Annette Miller Clark, who died Friday, was 18 weeks pregnant when the crash occurred on June 15, 2002. Her husband, Glenn Clark, 38, died about an hour after a truck driver lost control and crossed the centerline, plowing into their car.

On Nov. 22, 2002, after being in a coma for five months and receiving sustenance through a feeding tube, Clark gave birth to a son.

The son, Michael, 4, has been a frequent visitor to her bedside over the years, family members said.

"Michael would sit on her bed and take the brush and brush her hair," said Bev Miller, Annette's mother. "That was hard to watch."