Mother Arrested on Child Abuse Charges After Allegedly Urging Her Daughter to Fight a Classmate

A mother who allegedly drove her daughter to a fight with a classmate and then watched and cheered her on has been arrested in Florida on charges of child abuse.

The daughter of Roseana Scaduto, a 31-year-old private school teacher, told authorities that her mother encouraged her to "defend" herself in a brawl with another St. Lucie West Centennial High School student, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Scaduto was arrested after a school official saw a video clip of the fight taken on a student's cell phone, the Post reported. The video, which shows the two girls pulling each other's hair and hitting each other, has been circulated among teens at the high school.

Scaduto allegedly drove her daughter to a parking lot next to the school for the pre-arranged fight just before 7 a.m. Thursday. She watched as the two girls began attacking each other, and intervened when the other girl had pinned her daughter to the ground, according to the Post.

After she broke the teens apart, her daughter struck the other girl several times. Scaduto allegedly cheered and told her to "kick her ass," according to witnesses.

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