Mother and Son to Serve in Iraq Together

Jane Strand isn't like other moms seeing their sons off to war in Iraq. She won't be waiting at home for emails, letters or calls. She won't wonder what he's doing, or worry sick about him.

That's because Strand, 48, will be right there in Iraq serving with him, according to The News & Observer.

Strand, a sergeant in the National Guard, and her son Pvt. Timothy Strand, 18, deploy in a few weeks as part of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade, based in Morrisville, N.C.

Jane Strand joined the Marine Corps when she was 17 and served 11 years before leaving to raise her six children. After her husband retired from the Marines, she re-enlisted in the Guard.

She told the newspaper that her youngest son joined the Guard to keep an eye on her.

"Things can happen anywhere," she said. "Nothing is guaranteed in this life or the next, and you have to be ready for whatever is in your path."

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