Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dear Friends of ‘FOX & Friends;’

It's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Actually it feels like a great weight has been lifted... my kids are back in school today. Of course that means daddy can return to his lunch-bucket medicine, a little Mai Tai in a can that turns off the voices in my head.

Now the only voice I hear is my wife's asking me, "Why are you drooling before noon?"

(The worst part of back to school, is that my littlest lady, Sally, is now in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Yes, the fleet is aging. Time for my midlife crisis! Hello Porsche dealer!)

It's been a very busy couple of days: Bypass Bill, George at the Garden, Frances (search) the Ferocious and now it looks like Ivan the Wet is moving toward the southern third of the US of A. Just another reminder to watch the channel EVERY MINUTE, or you're going to miss something juicy — or at least something damp.

E.D. is off this final week as we settle in for the sprint to November 2. Kiran, Lauren and Juliet will be working extra hours to fill the center square.

We had a couple of interesting guests today, Bill from “The Apprentice,” told us he learned  business by holding pancake breakfasts at grandma's house, and then getting "tipped" five bucks from each of the ladies around the table. Joe Scarborough, ex-congressman on MSNBC, plugging his new book, "Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day". And Harry Belafonte, the singer turned left-winger, hates the Bush administration, but loves his calypso. Go figure.

What a show! And tomorrow? Even better. I'd tell you who's on... but then you might not watch. This way I leave you hanging.

So, hang in there, and we'll see you mañana as we say in my native Kansas.

Steve Doocy
Fox News NYC

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