Moonlight Mile, White Oleander, I Spy and Swimfan

Moonlight Mile, White Oleander, I Spy and Swimfan in The Foxlight.

Dustin Hoffman comes off pretty well in Moonlight Mile. Maybe because he doesn't have to try to remember Bruce Springsteen's name, like he did at the Grammys. He and Susan Sarandon are mourning their daughter's death along with her boyfriend, the single facial expression known as Jake Gyllenhaal.

The film often hits a realistic and original tone but also can't help turning down 'Maudlin Lane.' It's one of the new DVD releases this week that will probably benefit from being on a smaller screen.

Remember all the Oscar talk for the rambling teenage delinquent mess called White Oleander? Rent it and see much ado about nothing. Newcomer Alison Lohman does get to change her haircolor a lot, and she is pretty good. But the scenes of Michelle Pfeiffer in jail are utterly unconvincing unless she's in a prison with a Jose Eber hair salon and a Botox spa.

I Spy is yet another bad comedy from Eddie Murphy, even with the usually bulletproof Owen Wilson at his side.

And then there's Swimfan. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, she shows up. And this time it is personal.