Money for Nothing, Chips for Free

Gamblers at an Indiana casino got their money for nothing — and their chips for free — after an errant slot machine started dishing out exponential amounts of dough.

The slot machine, appropriately dubbed Extra Money, allowed betters to rake in nearly $500,000 over a two-day period when it began multiplying the amount of money players put into the machine by 10, The Associated Press reports.

Kathryn Ford said she new something was amiss when she and her husband stepped up to the money-hemorrhaging machines at Caesars Indiana, put in a $20 and got $200 worth of credits.

Ford said that just by putting $160 in the machine she was able to get vouchers that could be redeemed for $1,600 of cold hard cash — all without a single spin of the slot.

And the windfall did not go unnoticed by other casino patrons.

"There was even a young woman who jumped in while I was sitting there. She ... reached across me, popped a hundred in, popped out a thousand and then she took off," Ford said.

Ford and her husband reported the payout-happy machine to a security officer. Casino officials determined the machine had a switch that had been set for use in the Philippines that told it to multiply all credits by 10.

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Sorry Lady, Your Pervy Plate's Gotta Go ... Yoink!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A woman in Columbus may lose her long-time vanity license plate because the state now says it's obscene.

Pat Niple has had a plate with the letters N-W-T-F. She says they're short for "Northwood Tree Farm," a Christmas tree business she and her late husband owned.

But the 74-year-old recently got a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles saying the personalized plate violates the agency's standards against profanity.

At a BMV office, Niple says she was told the letters are an abbreviation popular online. She says a clerk whispered it stands for a phrase beginning with, "Now what the —."

Niple plans to appeal. In the meantime, she's got temporary tags.

On the Road Again ... Wearing Nothing but a Toothless Smile

CARMI, Ill. (AP) — As a sheriff in southeastern Illinois puts it, an Ohio man "wearing nothing but a smile" was stopped while walking along I- 64 this morning.

White County, Illinois, Sheriff Doug Maier says the 51-year-old from Manchester in southern Ohio told authorities he took off his clothes because he was hot. Somewhere along his travels, he lost the clothes, car and teeth.

Maier says the naked walker told officials he was trying to get to Kentucky to visit family members. He was heading east toward Indiana, and that's where officials later found his vehicle.

The man was taken to a jail, where authorities gave him some clothes.

No charges have been filed.

Worst. First Date. Ever.

BRADENTON, FL (AP) — A Bradenton couple might want to pack a first-aid kit, snacks and a flashlight on their next date, just in case it turns into an episode of "Survivor."

Jessica Lucarini and Michael Eckhoff's romantic first date of sushi and jet skiing Tuesday turned into a rough lesson in survival on an isolated stretch of river.

Their jet ski broke down about 6 p.m., stranding them in mangroves on the bank of the Myakka River in southwest Florida. The couple stumbled over branches in waist deep water for three hours until they found a damp patch of sand.

They made a small fire and shared sips of water until a sheriff's helicopter spotted them at about 1 a.m.

The couple say they clicked during their ordeal. Lucarini tells The Herald in Bradenton that there will be a second date.

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I Don't Know if This Is Depressing or Delicious

BEDFORD, N.H. (AP) — Blistering heat was just what Sandi Fontaine needed to bake cookies for her co-workers — on the dash of her Toyota Rav4.

With temperatures soaring, Fontaine placed two trays of cookie dough on the dashboard, shut the doors and retreated inside to her air conditioned office.

"My husband wanted me to run some errands this morning," said Fontaine. "I said, 'I can't. I'm baking cookies."'

Fontaine first tested her dashboard oven three years ago. She said the only requirement is for the outside temperature to be at least 95 degrees, so it will rise to about 200 degrees in the car.

"When you open the door to that car," she said, "it's like, oh my God. It's a wonderful smell."

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