Monday, July 14: Whose Organ Is it Anyway?

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Investigators will continue scouring the Midwest for two missing New Hampshire children (search) after failing to locate their bodies during a daylong search of the Toledo, Ohio, area. FBI agents and Ohio police spent seven hours Sunday looking for Sarah and Philip Gehring in open areas and parks along major highways and thoroughfares, said Special Agent Robert Hawk, in Cleveland.

What are the chances of recovering the children safe and sound? We’ll get insight from Lisa Pinto, former prosecutor; Mickey Sherman, defense attorney, and Pat Brosnan, former New York Police Department detective.

Plus, we’ll hear from Tony Lanzano, Manuel Gehring's neighbor.

Basketball great Kobe Bryant says he's innocent. What happens if no "physical" evidence is found to prove sexual abuse? We’ll investigate with FOX Sports Radio’s J.T. "The Brick."

Plus, one week after they were last seen alive, where was Vincent Brothers while the five slain Bakersfield victims were remembered? We’ll be joined by Rev. Joseph Jordan, pastor of the Church of Christ’s Ministries.

And, who should determine where donated organs are used: you, or the medical profession? We'll bring you both sides from Dave Undis, executive director of Lifesharers, and Dr. Art Caplan, a bio-ethecist from the University of Philadelphia.

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