Mom Worried 7-Year-Old Daughter Will Beat Herself to Death

A mother from Scotland is desperate to find help for her seven-year-old daughter who can't stop beating herself up, it is being reported.

According to U.K.'s Daily Record, little April Bremner was diagnosed with autism when she was two-years-old. But her mother Samantha is convinced it's another medical condition triggering her daughter to violently punch herself in the head.

In the past two years, the 36-year-old has seen her daughter break her own nose and fracture fingers, it was reported.

"If someone had assaulted my daughter they would be arrested and locked up, yet it is perfectly acceptable for the authorities to continue to send her home and force me to sit and hold her while she torments herself," the single mom told the Record.

"I have to try to help my daughter before it's too late and she ends up killing herself."

Right now, Bremner's mother is calling on officials to enroll her daughter in a school that caters to the needs of autistic children, according to the report.

"I've only seen one example of self-harm on this level involving a child,” said Carol Evans, director of the National Autistic Society of Scotland.

"This little girl needs help fast and she needs to be examined by a specialist who has dealt with extreme cases."

A spokeswoman for Scotland's National Health Service (NHS) told the Record they are aware of the child's case and have arranged for further medical assessment.

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