Modern Day Patriots

This Independence Day, FOX Fan is honoring modern-day men and women who have devoted their lives to a cause. From feeding New York’s hungry to healing the smiles of children around the world, the contributions of these five people are vast. Their work serves as an inspiration and a reminder on this July 4th to fight for what you believe in.

Dr. Lucy Cabrera

As President & CEO of Food Bank for New York City, Dr. Lucy Cabrera has spent years providing food to New York's hungry. Since starting with the organization in 1988, Dr. Cabrera has seen it grow by leaps and bounds, last year distributing over 60 million pounds of food to organizations across New York's five boroughs. Hear her powerful story!

Tessa Hill

Tessa Hill turned personal tragedy into an opportunity to teach children. Through her organization Kids for Saving Earth, she provides children with the knowledge to get involved in helping to heal our environment. For more of Tessa's story, click here.

Jody Williams

In 1998, Jody Williams became the tenth woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She was awarded it for her work to ban antipersonnel landmines. To this day, she continues to work to eliminate landmines, and has broadened her humanitarian efforts to include working to end the war in Darfur and fighting for women's rights around the world.Click here to read her story.

Dr. William Magee

Dr. William Magee has made it his mission to make kids smile! Through Operation Smile, the organization he founded with his wife Kathy, he has provided life-altering surgeries to thousands of children suffering from facial deformities.Click here to learn about Dr. Magee!

Gary White

Gary White is the co-founder of WaterPartners International, a U.S. organization working to provide clean water to people in developing nations. What began as a single fundraising event, has grown into a life-time project for Gary, one that has already helped thousands of people around the globe. Click here to read more.