Model Gets Two Years in Jail for Disfiguring Student With Wine Glass

A former British model and flight attendant was sentenced Friday to two and a half years in prison for brutally attacking a Ph.D. student with a wine glass, leaving his face permanently scarred, the Daily Mail reported.

An intoxicated Lisa Kee threw wine on 26-year-old Liam Sharratt, punched him in the face and smashed him with the glass after he laughed at her during an argument at a Manchester bar in November 2007.

Kee, 29, hit Sharratt in the face twice, dragging the glass down his cheek. One cut was so deep that when he breathed, his cheek fell open, the Mail reported.

"I'm glad she's gone to prison but she gets her life back in a couple of years while I have to live with this forever," Sharratt told the Mail.

Judge Martin Rudland told Kee, who was dragged screaming from the court after the sentence was read, that her crime was "a vicious and wholly unwarranted attack."

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