Missing Pa. Prosecutor Had Clean Bill of Health

A review of medical records provided no clues to the mysterious disappearance of a county prosecutor, authorities said Monday.

Centre County District Attorney Ray F. Gricar (search) has been missing since April 15. The car he was driving was found the next day in the parking lot of an antiques market he frequented in Lewisburg, a small town along the Susquehanna River.

Authorities in his hometown of Bellefonte (search), about 45 miles away, issued a warrant for his medical records last week, after Gricar's girlfriend told police the prosecutor had been feeling fatigued in the weeks before he vanished.

Patricia Fornicola "had encouraged Gricar to seek a medical examination for any possible medical or mental conditions that may need attention," according to court records.

At a news conference Monday at Bellefonte borough hall, Police Chief Duane Dixon (search) said they have not ruled out that Gricar may have been ill.

"Just because there is nothing in the medical records that we obtained doesn't mean there are no medical issues. That just means he didn't go to a doctor," Dixon said.

For now, police do not suspect foul play and have said that Gricar's disappearance does not appear to be connected to any of his cases.

Gricar's family and friends, some holding hands, sat at tables behind Dixon during the news conference but declined to answer questions.

A watch on Gricar's e-mail, phone, bank and credit card records has turned up nothing, Dixon said.