Missing Explosives — Part D'uh

Tuesday on my show, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke (search) said he didn't know if the missing explosives that have exploded at the end of this campaign were really overlooked by George W. Bush and allowed by the president to get into the hands of terrorists.

Mr. Holbrooke is not on the Kerry campaign's advertising committee, because the latest Kerry ad says the facts are known precisely and it's the fault of the president of the United States that everything that could go boom in the night was not locked up tight by American forces in Iraq.

John Kerry was still at it Wednesday and when Bush responded that Kerry didn't know what he was talking about, Kerry gunsel Joe Lockhart said the president's response was beneath contempt.

So let me add all this up: Bush is brain-dead according to Joe Biden — who is the other candidate for secretary of State under a President Kerry.

Then shortly after that Kerry people started saying the president is incompetent.

Now they are saying he kills his own soldiers by leaving the explosives laying around that our enemies would use.

And, when he tries to defend himself, the Kerry guys says Bush is beneath contempt. What is beneath contempt: "Dante's Inferno"? What is down there underneath contempt?

I think what is going on is the last gasp, the last measure, the last draught of Bush hating is being poured into a glass and thrown into the voters' faces.

This is the challenger's campaign right now: You don't hate Bush? What's wrong with you? Are you a warmonger, or stupid, or brain-dead? Are you an incompetent voter?

This is desperate. Now it may be a good tactic. It may work, but it is desperate to get down to the last minute and scream: He's lying to you, he's killing his own troops, and he wants to do more of it if you are dopey enough to re-elect him.

Remember, the world is glad Saddam is gone. Isn't it time to ask which candidate would do that and which would not?

That's My Word.

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