'Miracle' Boy Narrowly Escapes Death After Being Hit by Car

A boy escaped with barely a scratch after he was hit by a runaway car which hurled him through the air.

CCTV footage broadcast on Turkish television showed the vehicle flying off the street and hitting 4-year-old Muhammet Dirlik, knocking him down a flight of steps. The youngster can then be seen picking himself and walking away.

Muhammet told reporters he had been wandering around on the pavement when the car knocked into him but said he had not been hurt. It crashed through the front window of a shop before being hauled back onto the street with the help of onlookers.

It was not until the following day that Muhammet's father realised his son was the youngster hit by the car.

"I saw my son coming towards me crying," said Ibrahim Halil Dirlik. "We were not aware that he had been hit by the car."

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