Minnesota: America's First Somali-Muslim State?

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What's going on in Minnesota? It seems to be on its way to be America's first Somali-Muslim state.

First we've been watching the drama at Minneapolis Airport where Somali-Muslim cabdrivers are demanding the right to refuse service to passengers who violate Islamic law — Sharia law. These would be people carrying bottles of alcohol or who have a dog traveling along, such as a blind person with his or her seeing-eye dog.

Then we have the situation with Target where Muslim cashiers refused to handle a package of bacon at the checkout stand. Target has now reassigned those people so they don't have to handle pork, which means that Target has agreed to go along with Sharia law.

Then news today that in a suburb of Woodbury a man and a woman were found with a thousand pounds of khat.

What is khat you might ask? It is a mildly hallucinogenic drug which is a favorite of Somalis. When I was in Somali the biggest crowds at the outdoor markets were always around the khat stall, where a new load of the leafy drug had arrived from the bush country or from neighboring Kenya.

All these indicators say one thing very dramatically: Somalis coming to Minnesota are not assimilating. They are bringing the Muslim culture of that desert country to Minnesota's snowy woods. They may have to wear warmer clothing, but the Somalis want Islamic law just like back home. And they want the same illegal drug they had back home, too.

Minnesota is famously liberal and now all eyes are on the state to see how voters there react to this onslaught against their culture and law. Are Minnesotans going to be so open-minded they say, sure you can have a different kind of law here, just for you and your people. We don't mind. We'll pretend we don't notice.

There is such a thing as carrying politeness too far.

What Minnesotans must say is this is America. We already have law here, and if the Somalis wanted to live under Koran law, Sharia, they could have stayed in Somalia.

That's My Word.

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