Military Vehicle Controversy

New Wrinkle in the Military Vehicle Controversy

As I reported on the air Monday, there's a new angle on the controversy that erupted last week over a lack of armor for military vehicles in Iraq.

Ever since a reservist asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) why he and his comrades have to scrounge landfills for armor to protect their vehicles, this has become a front-burner issue for many people. Now add to this the courts-martial for several Army reservists for theft — they took and stripped armored vehicles abandoned by other units to make their own run into Iraq safer. Some of those reservists have already been dishonorably discharged, others are now appealing for clemency. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this — my email address is:

We're tracking this story for Tuesday, amid the other breaking news of the day, including any fallout from today's jury decision in the Scott Peterson trial (search).

On the lighter side, we also have a new book to give to members of our studio audience tomorrow: "The 50 Worst Jobs." Any particular professions you'd like to nominate for this dubious title? Maybe even your profession? Send them in by e-mail.

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