Middle East Media Matters

There were some fascinating issues to discuss on today's "FOX & Friends." We're seeing some frustration in some circles that Israel has not gone full bore on the ground and making Hezbollah look like more of a force then they deserve to be.

I was amazed that Reuters exposed and then fired a freelancer who "Photoshopped" two photos they bought. It turns out this guy has sold 300 pictures to Reuters over the last 13 years. Do you think these two photos are the only ones he messed with? Me neither. I think this story has legs. By the way, there are a few other media missteps worth discussing and it starts with the hit in Qana last weekend. First we heard 58 died. Now the death toll is down to 28. And this photographer was at the scene! Could Michelle Malkin be right and a few rescue workers been "Photoshopped" into scene? We also have since learned that Hezbollah bussed the media into the hit and held the lifeless body of those kids so all could get their photos — for hours!

Interesting to see the Arab League come into town and try to put their fingerprints on the next United Nations resolution. I was surprised to see Israeli Prime Minster Olmert call the Lebanese offer of their troops on their border "interesting." The group that refused to disarm Hezbollah will now try to stop them? I am to say the least not optimistic. I find it hard to believe that the conflict will end soon and with FOX News sending Shepard Smith and Bill Hemmer back to Israel, it looks like I am not alone.

Good luck to one of the good guys in politics: Senator Joe Lieberman faces the battle for his political life in today's Democratic primary. It's a bad sign that his efforts to reach across the aisle might leave him out in the cold. If he does lose and run as independent, look for him to a true blue moderate independent.

See you Wednesday and please keep it on "FOX & Friends."


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