Mickey Gilley Injured in Fall, But Paralyzation Rumors Are False

Country music legend Mickey Gilley was seriously injured in a fall in Branson, Mo. on Sunday and underwent surgery on Tuesday.

The 73-year-old has since been flown to Houston, Texas for further treatment but, despite numerous reports, FOXNews.com can confirm Gilley is not paralyzed.

"He is absolutely not paralyzed," his rep said. "He did have a fall and surgery on his back, there was some bruising, and he was flown to Texas for physical therapy, but his doctors are satisfied with his recovery. He will then be flown home in a jet. They just want to make sure it won't tire him out too much."

Gilley's condition does remain serious, however.

"When you have surgery on your back its not a mild thing, it is serious, but he'll have physical therapy because of stiffness and they expect him to be fine," added the rep. "His doctors are satisfied with his recovery everyday. He is 73 so it will take time and therapy to get back to jumping around the stage which is what he likes to do."

Gilley was scheduled to perform in Branson, but the shows have been canceled pending his recovery.