Michigan Woman Offers Reward for Missing Dwarfs

Some dopey thieves snatched and grabbed several of Sue Austin's seven dwarfs.

"I'm thinking it's just some kids," said the Flint Township resident, who is offering a "no questions asked" reward for the return of the statues.

Stolen from Austin's display are Grumpy, a 2 1/2-foot concrete statue, along with Snow White, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey. On Sunday, following an anonymous tip to Austin, Dopey was found in a front yard in nearby Davison Township.

Each statue weighs more than 200 pounds, which might be why the thieves decided to leave behind Sleepy, Happy and Doc, The Flint Journal recently reported.

Austin said she saw a similar display about 10 years ago and liked it so much that her husband bought the statues.