Michelle Williams Wows in First Red Carpet Appearance Since Heath Ledger's Death

Michelle Williams made a last-minute appearance at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, walking her first red carpet since her ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger's death to promote her film "Wendy and Lucy."

"It was decided on Monday night that she could come to Cannes, and she got on the next plane to arrive just in time to get dressed and come to our premiere," a rep for "Wendy and Lucy" told People magazine. "She came in and had a long nap and then came to the screening."

Williams, 27, stunned in a vintage Chanel Haute Couture dress and a retro hairdo. She will remain in Cannes at least through Friday night to promote another festival movie in which she appears, "Synecdoche, New York," before flying back to the United States to resume filming a Martin Scorsese movie in Boston.

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Williams has kept a low profile since Ledger died last January at age 28 of an accidental overdose. After attending his memorial service in Australia, she has spent time with their 2-year-old daughter Matilda in New York and on the set of her new film.

At Cannes, Williams' work in "Wendy and Lucy" was well-received, the rep told People.

"Some people said tonight it was a transcendent performance," he says. "It's about things going on around her and she's just she's trying to go forward and things are not working out for her. You see her taking care of herself first [in the film], which is exactly what we must do."

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