Michael Vick Needs Mental Tests Before Returning to NFL, PETA Says

If Michael Vick is reinstated to the NFL, he should get his head tested first, an animal rights group known for its shock-and-awe publicity tactics said Wednesday.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals threatened to protest the return to pro football of convicted dogfighting ring leader Vick unless he undergoes a psychological evaluation, according to CBS 9News Now.

Vick, who has served 23 months in prison, is entitled to go free after completing his sentence, D.C. PETA spokesman Nicol Matthews told the station.

But, he added, the football star shouldn't necessarily be allowed to go back to his multimillion-dollar job with the NFL.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised a day earlier to decide on Vick's status "sometime in the near future."

Vick's federal dogfighting sentence ended Monday, freeing him to lobby for a return to the field.

He will remain on probation for three years. He also is under a three-year suspended sentence for a state dogfighting conviction.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.