Michael Reagan Leads Tribute to Father

Republicans paid adoring tribute to Ronald Reagan (search) at the GOP convention Wednesday, waving signs reading "Win One More for the Gipper" as they remembered the 40th president nearly three months after his death.

Reagan was lauded on film by President Bush, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (search), California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) and others.

"He inspired America and the entire world with the clarity of his vision and his sense of direction and purpose," said former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (search).

The convention hall crowd cheered as they watched images of Reagan at his California ranch, in the Oval Office and in front of the Berlin Wall.

"More than anything else, we got America to stand tall again, and you know, I'd like to think that maybe that's the thing I'm proudest of," Reagan said of his own presidency in an old clip.

Then there were scenes of his funeral at the National Cathedral, his body lying in state at the Capitol Rotunda, and the final motorcade carrying his coffin to his presidential library site in California.

The film was introduced by Reagan's eldest son, Michael Reagan, who described his father as "not just a great leader, but also a great dad."

Michael Reagan's younger brother, Ron, spoke at the Democratic convention and issued a plea for more federal funding for stem cell research. Reagan died in June of Alzheimer's disease, and many experts believe stem cell research could help find treatments for the illness.

"I've come to honor my father, not to politicize his name," Michael Reagan said. "Because of him we are that shining city on a hill and we shine a little bit brighter tonight."