Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and Britney Spears

Wacko Jacko in the sacko, Coppola cracks down on the mafia and Britney's oops on her new album in today's Foxlight.

So now a new book claims that Michael Jackson (search) is great in bed? And who is the source? A friend of  Lisa Marie Presley (search) -- the same Lisa Marie Presley who looked like she couldn't wait for that on-stage kiss to end while they were married? She ran home with him "breathless and panting?" I don't think so.

I think this is either a joke Lisa Marie played on her friend or a story planted by Jackson. The only believable part? He wore full makeup to bed and jumped out of the room whenever she turned the lights on. That I believe.

Want to make Francis Ford Coppola (search) an offer he can refuse? Ask him to watch an episode of "The Sopranos." In the new Cigar Aficionado, Coppola says for the first time that he can't stand anything mob related. Leave the cannolis, get HBO? Not Francis, who says everyone assumes he's married to the mob. He hates the mafia. Well he did make "Godfather III."

Finally, oops. Industry insiders say Britney's next album may be a stinker. One retailer tells Newsweek, "The newness has worn out." Spears calls the material on the album -- due in November -- very moody. Coincidentally, that's probably how she'll feel the week after it comes out.