Michael Bloomberg Stiffs Dick Cheney

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (search) should fire himself, and he should do it today.

Thursday is the big memorial service for the families of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Remember last year when President Bush and the first lady spent almost two hours at Ground Zero speaking to each family member individually? It was a touching and inspirational moment.

This Sept. 11, the president will be on the south lawn of the White House for a memorial service and Vice President Dick Cheney (search) will be coming to New York City.

The day before the second year anniversary of the attacks, Bloomberg — the billionaire who has such a tin ear when it comes to the mood of the people — calls up the vice president's office to say, "We'd rather you didn't come."

Bloomberg said that Cheney's security arrangements would inconvenience the families.

How come the president's security arrangements last year didn't cause any problems? In fact, the families were lifted up by his visit.

I don't know why Bloomberg did this. It's probably a reason no one could imagine.

Just another example how the billionaire mayor is no Rudy Guiliani (search), and how there is no way he is going to be reelected.

Bloomberg has no sense of the moment. Where was he on 9/11? Does he just not understand what happened?

Or is he planning some long, droning, nasally-voice speech that we will all have to endure? Probably.

It reminds me of the time he bought a $600 bike as an example to New Yorkers facing a huge transit strike. Or how he said things were "normal" in the immediate aftermath of the big blackout.

'Everything is fine. People are just walking home.' Yeah, 16 million of them. That's normal in Bloomberg's world.

Evidenly, stiffing the vice president of the United States is normal too.

That's My Word.

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