Mexican Police Find More Human Heads in Acapulco

Authorities on Friday found two human heads in front of a state government office in this Pacific coast resort, a day after a similar grisly discovery was made outside the main entrance to City Hall.

The heads were accompanied by a note that read, "One more message, dirtbags, so that you learn to respect." They were dumped in front of the Guerrero state Finance Department where the heads of two decapitated police officers were left in April with a similar note that warned, "So that you learn to respect."

Four drug traffickers were killed during a shootout with law enforcement outside the office earlier this year.

CountryWatch: Mexico

Authorities were trying to determine if the heads found Friday belonged to two decapitated bodies also discovered Friday dumped in a vacant lot on the edge of Acapulco, near the small beach community of Pie de La Cuesta.

Neither the heads nor the bodies have been identified.

On Thursday, police found the head of former Mexican solider, Hugo Carpio Garcia, by the main entrance to City Hall with a similar note signed by "Z," which authorities said was an attempt to link the death to "Las Zetas," a group of former elite Mexican soldiers who now work for the Gulf drug cartel.

Earlier this month, a severed human head washed up on the beach in the heart of Acapulco's tourist zone.

Acapulco, located 180 miles southwest of Mexico City, has been shaken this year by more than a dozen high-profile gun slayings as well as several grenade attacks on police stations. Federal investigators link the violence to a turf war between drug gangs in northern Mexico for lucrative smuggling routes into the United States.