Men's Gift Guide 2006: The Year of the Man

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Got a guy to buy for? This year, let him know you know exactly who he is ... exactly what he is ... exactly what he's wanted to be since he was a little boy. What's that? A man.

That's right, the metro has finally gone underground. The guy's guy is back. So invest your money in macho and make this holiday season the season of the man.

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Entertain His Brain

Football season is here, but just like Christmas for an 8-year-old, it will be over before he knows it. Want to prevent the post-season depression? Pick him up the NFL DVD set. It's over 30 hours of gridiron goodies, including the first 30 Super Bowls and the seasons leading up to them.

Think he wouldn't watch games he already knows the outcome of? Don't overestimate him. It's football and he's a man. Plus, the set includes Special Edition booklets that offer collectors a valuable insight into the three decades of Super Bowl history, including action photos, history, stats and shots of the infamous Super Bowl rings.

There's nothing that says a man's man can't be well-rounded. After all, a man can't live on football alone. There's baseball, basketball, hockey and boxing (sorry, ladies, until David Beckham stops tweezing, soccer just isn't a manly sport).

The new "Sports Illustrated 50 Years: The Anniversary Book" chronicles the last half-century of great moments in sports journalism — mostly in pictures (including every cover since the magazine's launch in 1954).

Just remember: It's only a coffee table book when your friends are over. When he's there, it's best served with beer.

Want to get him something you could enjoy along with him? Forget it. This is the season of the man, remember? The Great American Western 20 DVD Set has 111 hours of men with horses. Shootouts, ambushes and bar fights. Lying, cheating and poker games. What more could a man want?

Risk His Life

There's nothing a man enjoys more than telling his buddies about the crazy adventures he's lived through. Get him something from, a site that offers over 1,500 experiences from spine-tingling adventures to gourmet cooking, and he won't even have to lie about them.

The NASCAR Driving experience puts him behind the wheel of the all-American race car. Now, these things can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, so you might have to stock up on worry-wart remover. The trade-off is worth it. Once he tells his buddies what you got him for Christmas, you'll be the coolest wife on the block.

Cars aren't his thing? How about planes? Even if he won't admit it, he loves "Top Gun." And if you think for a minute he walked out of that movie not wanting to be a fighter pilot, then you just don't know men.

If the man you know feels the need for speed, give him the opportunity to suit up like Mav and Ice Man and hit the unfriendly skies at Mach 2. You won't be reminding anyone to take out the trash for at least a month. More information here.

Let Him Be a Player

No one would expect you to fork over $600 for the new Sony PlayStation 3, especially considering they manufactured so few the only way to get one is to plunk down $10,000 to $15,000 on eBay.

But if your man is into games, Nintendo has come out with a new machine that promises to revolutionize the home gaming experience.

It's called the Wii (pronounced "we") and its aim is to make gaming universally accessible to people of all ages.

Read's review of Nintendo's Wii.

Without going too far into the details, it features what is being called a wand that can be wielded like a tennis racket, a golf club or even a light saber for a more complete simulated experience, rather than a controller with a confusing array of 40 or so buttons.

The best part of it, though, is the price. At $250, the revolution is affordable.

Your man more of a TV nut? If you're looking to splurge, you can go full tilt with The Sopranos Pinball Machine. It includes real audio from the show, the show's soundtrack and the talking fish from season 2. Want to make a hit this Christmas? Pony up four Gs for ‘dis ‘ting and fugghedaboutit.

If a $4,675 machine breaks Santa's bank (not to mention his back trying to get it in the house), Atari has an emulator of its old-school 2600 home video-gaming console, which you can get for about $25.

With games like "Pitfall," "Asteroids," "Centipede" and more, this little throwback to the 8-bit days will bring him back to a time before video games became a common criminal defense.

Make Him Work for It

The Makita Autofeed Screwdriver makes nail guns look primitive. No more digging for loose screws at the bottom of the tool box, no more shredding heads making the screw irreversible, no more screwing around. It feeds them, it screws. Period. Goes for about $250.

Go to and buy him anything. That's it. This catalogue has the coolest collection of knives, camping gear and office tools available to man, and chances are he doesn't have anything from it.

Teach Him to Listen

Anything from the high-end audio house Tivoli will bring a smile to his face on Christmas morning, but Tivoli's new iSongBook system is probably the coolest new product they offer. An AM/FM receiver coupled with a digital alarm clock, plus a really cool flip-down iPod dock make this system complete.

If the man on your list hasn't gone in for the iPod, check out the other Hi-Fi systems. Not only are they top quality audio-wise, they are among the most beautiful money can buy.

If he's a man, he listens to Howard. But even if he's never yelled "bababooey!" there's a whole lot to love about Sirius satellite radio.

With 10 sports channels, 98 music channels (including one dedicated strictly to The Who, another to The Boss) two channels of comedy (in addition to the two Howard Stern channels), you can't lose with a subscription to Sirius. With the newly released "Stiletto" wireless receiver (built-in antennae plus Wi-Fi), you really can't lose.

Make Him the Life of the Party

Every wine lover needs a "rabbit" cork puller. The Rabbit VIP is the Mercedes of rabbits. Award-winning design, ergonomically perfect and stylish as heck, this thing just screams class.

Made of die-cast metal with a polished chrome finish and leather grip pads that match the leather case, the Rabbit VIP is just plain cool. The fact that it has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls and comes with a 10-year warranty makes it just plain smart.

You could also get him a Frozen Drink Maker to go with it.

Just 14 inches tall but with 189 square inches of cooking space, the Weber Baby Q is perfect for both the apartment dweller and the weekend tailgater.

It's super portable, packs a whopping 8,500-BTUs and has a push-button ignition for easy, reliable lighting on the road, at the campsite or on the terrace of his first apartment.

A man's not a man if he doesn't have access to a grill. He can strap this one to his back and be a man wherever he goes.

Civilize Him

All right, all right, just because he's a man, that doesn't mean he's an animal. The metrosexual movement didn't come and go without any impact whatsoever. Your man feels comfortable grooming — and pampering himself. At least he can look in the mirror in the men's room without feeling like a girl. Here are a few items for the more evolved men in your life:

This gift will keep on giving — to you. Esquire's Big Black Book contains everything you would want him to know about grooming, dressing, even behaving (comportment, they call it).

Forget that Esquire magazine is about the girliest men's magazine there is — this book is a bible that every man — every gentleman — should have in his library.

Got a man who still thinks grooming is for girls? Treat him to just one proper barber shave — an old-world masculine ritual —and he'll come around.

The Art of Shaving now has shops in major cities from Los Angeles to New York and a half of a dozen cities in between. Tell him about the Las Vegas Art of Shaving and he'll have extra incentive to give it a go. Gift certificates are available here.

So man up this holiday season and give your guy the gift of masculinity. Even if he's not thrilled with the gift itself, he'll at least like that you were thinking of him as a real man. And after all, it's really the thought that counts.

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