Mel Gibson in World of Hurt

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Mel Gibson is in a world of hurt.

If it's true that Hollywood stars are handled by people, Mel Gibson's people should have him packed off to a rehab center before the sun sets on Hollywood today. In fact I think they did.

I think it goes without saying that Mel Gibson is of no relation to me. We share a common understanding of personal failings, so I am aware it is possible to drink too much and having done so, it is also possible to run your mouth and say things you shouldn't.

However, Gibson's anti-Semitic diatribe to a sheriff's deputy in Malibu while getting arrested for drunk driving has Hollywood wondering if he's finished in movies.

Gibson drunkenly spewed at the arresting officers: "All the wars in the world are caused by Jews," and then asked the officer, "You a Jew?"

Whether or not the officer is in fact Jewish, Gibson seemed not to have noticed that our current round of wars feature Islamists in a leading role, as they might say in Hollywood.

Once sober, Gibson called the things he said while drunk and being arrested "despicable."

The charitable view is that Gibson didn't really mean the things he said and he was just drunk. If that is the defense from the Gibson camp, the next step is a prominent rehab clinic and a nice long stay.

Of course the darker view is the old saying: In wine, truth. In other words, drunk he said what he really thinks.

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