Meg, 'N Sync, more Sex and the City and Rosie

Meg, 'N Sync, more Sex and the City and Rosie in the bright applause sign glare of The Foxlight.

When you make a stinker like Kate and Leopold, what do you do to diss your pixie image and turn your career around?  Meg Ryan is thinking low budget erotic thriller.  It's called In the Cut and her cut will be pretty small because the whole movie, which is about a New York teacher who gets sexually involved with a cop, only costs about $12 million.  Hey, Sally won't be faking the orgasms for Harry in this one.

Spin Magazine readers are saying "Bye, Bye, Bye" to the giant marionette boy band 'N Sync. They named the young recording artists the worst band of the year.

Best version of life imitating art?  Sarah Jessica Parker may have dumped Aiden on Sex and the City but now comes word that the real John Corbett is dating the real Carrie Bradshaw — Candace Bushnell — the woman who started all this madness.

Finally, Rosie coming out of the closet will hurt her magazine according to some industry insiders.  Like this was a big secret?  C'mon. My favorite reaction?  Helen Gurly Brown says maybe the overlooked lesbian magazine market will embrace it.  Uh-huh.