Meet the Man Who Went After Rep. Charlie Rangel

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Here is a man who went after Charlie Rangel, Jason Mattera with

Jason, now, a little...


BECK: I mean, a little over the top, don't you think? I mean, a little — why are you such a disgrace?

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MATTERA: Over the top — he is a disgrace. He's a walking disgrace.

And I mean — let's put this in context. Nancy Pelosi said that she was going to clean the House in 2006 when she became madam speaker, that this was going to be the most ethical, the most honest, the most transparent Congress in history. And we have this lowlife Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel still walking the halls, neck deep in controversy.

I mean, why do I have to pay? Why do you have to pay for his $800 a month Cadillac? Why does he take four rent-controlled apartments in New York City that are set aside for low and moderate income families and use one of them as a campaign office? The guy is not cash strapped!


MATTERA: And why — as you said, write the tax code and he fails to pay his taxes. And he says, well, these are just language and cultural barriers between the people in the Dominican Republic and United States.

BECK: Cultural?

MATTERA: I'm sorry, but if you or I would tell the IRS that, they'd laugh at us.

BECK: Yes.

MATTERA: They wouldn't show us leniency.

BECK: OK. So, let me, especially if we were the ones who wrote the code.


BECK: So, I'm torn — I'm torn on this, because this is — now, listen — I'm torn on this because maybe it's just because in my day, Mike Wallace used to do things like this. But this is really a sign of — because you're with — this is really a sign that the media has dropped the ball. They're not going to do it. So, OK, good, this is why the Internet — this is why people trust things off the Internet more than they do when they watch TV.

Yes or no?

MATTERA: Yes, the media — the media pays scant attention to Rangel's scandal and that's because there is a "D" in front of his name. But we know that if it was an "R" and just look, his reaction was to say "none of your G.D. business." Can you imagine if a Republican congressman has said that to a leftist? My goodness, they would be profiled and how courageous this young man would be, asking a congressman such a question.

It is our business, sorry, what you do with taxpayer dollars. I mean, this is basic. But the man is so arrogant, using such a menacing and ugly phrase in his reaction.

And he's immune. And he can walk around as though nothing is going to happen because nothing did happen. There are ongoing investigations that never end.

BECK: I will tell you this — that I was a little shock. I didn't notice any change in his demeanor when you say "Why are we are paying for your Cadillac?" There was no difference.


BECK: There wasn't even. I mean, did you feel it? Did he — did he even blink when you said that?

MATTERA: He didn't, especially when I started to ask the hard-hitting questions. You know, he kept a big smile on his face, and still went on to swear at me. But, you know, that's driving Americans mad is that Americans are losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills, and we're subsidizing this guy's $800 a month Cadillac.

I mean, Congressman Rangel, here's a message to you: Why don't you take your own money and lease your own car? We shouldn't have to pay for it.

BECK: OK, let me ask you...

MATTERA: It seems basic, right?

BECK: Jason, let me ask you one last — are there any other people on your list?

MATTERA: Oh, I cannot reveal that now. But...

BECK: Right.


BECK: All right. OK. Jason, thanks a lot.

MATTERA: I have some people in mind.

BECK: All right. OK. Thanks a lot.

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