Media Schizophrenia in Action

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If you want to see media schizophrenia in action, compare the editorial pages of The News York Times for March 10-11.

On March 10, the page ran a well-reasoned article by a serious historian on why the war against Iraq today is really a war against the Iraq of tomorrow — the one that will buy a nuke from North Korea and graduate from middling-size problem to huge problem.

Then on March 11 — on the same editorial page (op-ed this time) another writer describes how President Bush's war isn't about concerns over what Saddam Hussein wants to become and what problems he would pose for us, but how the war is Bush's jihad — his holy war. How Bush thinks God is on his side, and how he believe he is doing God's work by going after Hussein.

Now we all know the president is a man who professes his faith, and has more than once revealed that in moments of big decisions, he prays to God for wisdom and guidance.

Simple enough. I probably don't pray to God often enough, but I certainly don't go around denigrating people who do. I've been surrounded by the Christian and Jewish faithful my entire life, and I've never found them to be a threat.

But the Times makes Bush out as being the same as those Islamisists who insist they are doing Allah's work by killing infidels.

It is a twisting of fact and intent that is a complete abomination, such mangling truth combined with frightened fiction that one hardly knows where to begin untangling it.

And it shows the schizophrenic nature of the paper. One day, Bush is reasonable. Next day, he's a crazed psycho standing around a street corner wearing a sandwich board that says, "The end is near".

I say the Times, as usual, has it half right. Yesterday, not today.

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