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More about Media Matters maestro David Brock and his co-conspirators in the vast left-wing slime machine — Hillary Clinton and George Soros — and their various minions around the country.

First, even though we played you that tape a day or two ago of Hillary taking credit for starting Media Matters with David Brock, his people now say no she didn't.

Obviously they can't both be right and someone is lying. In this case my money is on Hillary as the truth teller. It was an embarrassing revelation for Media Matters that she was in on starting this particular attack machine, but sometimes the truth just is embarrassing.

In today's National Review, Byron York has some information on Brock's new book which has a subtitle that reads: "Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy."

Coming from people who make their living taking quotes out of context, misinterpreting, attacking the military and lying, this book promises to be funnier than a Jon Stewart monologue on Bush.

I've talked about Brock and Media Matters getting Soros' support, but York also exposes how Brock has managed to pile up millions by talking anti-conservative trash to rich lefties.

York also reveals that Brock's office in Washington is stocked with opposition research people from various Democratic campaigns, including people from Edwards', Wes Clark's, and Barney Frank's campaigns to name just the most prominent. They dig up stuff to make into Brocks attacks. They have a big file on me.

Is Hillary going to shut down the left-wing slime machine if she wins? She should, but the temptation to keep it cranking out hits on conservatives will probably be too great.

By the way, in yesterday's My Word about Brock we ran the wrong picture. We intended to run a picture of Brock at a social gathering with Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank. I apologize for any confusion.

That's My Word.

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