McVeigh's Legal Team Adds Even More Lawyers

A lawyer who handled Timothy McVeigh's original appeal has rejoined his defense team as it weighs new evidence from the FBI.

However, McVeigh's lawyers said Monday that the Oklahoma City bomber has still not decided whether to fight his execution or conviction over the FBI's failure to turn over thousands of pages of documents.

"His position has not changed," lawyers Rob Nigh and Nathan Chambers said in a statement. "He is keeping his options open and will make an informed decision concerning the legal and factual information that we provide to him."

Richard Burr, a Houston death penalty expert who represented McVeigh at his trial and on appeal, is rejoining the defense team along with another one of McVeigh's trial attorneys, Chris Tritico.

McVeigh's lawyers are examining the documents to determine whether they provide an opportunity to challenge his conviction and death sentence for the 1995 blast that killed 168 people. The FBI disclosure came just days before McVeigh was scheduled to be put to death for the bombing.

McVeigh's execution, originally set for May 16, has been postponed to June 11.