McVeigh Briefing Book

To offer some perspective on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing case, Fox News offers this review of the relevant dates, events and personalities in what has become one of the most widely reported events in American history.

I. The Bombing
      Fast Facts

II. Search for Justice
      Fast Facts
      Key Players: The Accused
      Key Players: The Trial
      Key Evidence and Testimony

III. Execution
      Fast Facts
      Execution Date Set
      Terre Haute
      The Delay

IV. Timeline
      1994  - 2001

V. Fox News Channel Coverage
      5/13/01: Fox News Sunday: McVeigh's Co-Counsel Robert Nigh
      5/13/01: Fox News Sunday: McVeigh Mess Puts FBI on Hot Seat
      5/13/01: Fox News Sunday: McVeigh Lawyer, Okla. Governor
      5/11/01: FOX News/Opinion Dynamics: The McVeigh Execution
      4/26/01: McVeigh's Letter to Fox News' Rita Cosby