McDonald's Is America's Secret Weapon

Last week The New York Times blasted McDonald's for its new product, the "Hugo" — a drink so big it could drown a cat.

What peeves The Times is that the "Hugo ads are available in several languages," the paper scolds, making sure that minorities — who are more adversely affected by obesity — are aware of the cheap beverage.

So, by making these ads multi-cultural, McDonalds is racist.

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But, what if Micky D's hadn't printed the ads in different languages? You know The Times would have accused them of excluding minorities from a bargain.

You just can't win when you make something people want. If only The New York Times knew what that was like.

McDonalds is a company that has fed more people affordably than any government program ever. If the United Nations had only asked McDonald's first, then every Third World child would be as fat as me. And that's fat, people.

Consider the Big Mac, with its meaty protein, yeasty carbohydrate and lettuce and tomato that provides all the salad you need — that's God's gift to a starving world.

And look at the Dollar Menu — with Chicken McNuggets and Double Cheeseburgers — and you see how easy it is to live on three bucks a day. That's way cheaper than anything Bob Geldof could come up with.

I'm sure Geldof would have nothing to do with American's greatest export. But he should. He looks like he hasn't had a solid meal since 1975.

And that's my gut feeling.

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