May the Best Man Win?

President Bush is off visiting Europe and talk about someone who doesn't want to be where he is.

Just look at Bush stiffly wandering among the swells who, not so long ago, were openly calling him gutter names like moron, stupid and the village idiot. Not to mention warmonger and baby killer.

The Euros are desperately hoping we fire Bush. They pine for it, daydream about it and wring their hands in anticipation.

Come November -- they think -- they will be able to look down their long noses and remind the Americans that the Euros knew we could come to our senses one day and how good of us to finally listen to them and bend our knee to their collective wisdom.

And now they think Bush is weak and might lose.

But guess what? They don't like Kerry either.

And guess why? They see him same as Bush.

In today's Financial Times of London the U.S. managing editor warns the Euros that even if Kerry speaks French -- which he does -- and even if he can't admit that fact to Americans -- and he can't -- it won't make any difference to U.S. policy. Kerry will still support Israel more than the Euros like and he and his foreign policy team still thinks of Europe just as the bush team does: Europe is too weak to lead and too proud to follow.

In other words, the Euros are being warned by one of their own that Kerry's fluent French may simply mean it's easier for the French to understand the American president when he tells them to buzz off.

So if you know any Americans who think it is important to vote for Kerry because our so-called friends over seas will like us better, tell them: Not a chance.

That's My Word.

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