Massive Alaska Avalanche Cuts All Hydroelectric Power to Juneau

An avalanche Wednesday has cut all hydroelectric power in Juneau.

Alaska Electric Light & Power spokeswoman Gayle Wood says the massive avalanche was about three miles from the Snettisham power house. The mile-and-a-half wide slide took out more than a mile of transmission line.

She says at least two transmission towers are down and others are damaged on the Snettisham line, which connects hydropower to the service area.

Wood says Juneau is running on diesel generators at Auke Bay and Lemon Creek.

Wood says it could be a month before workers can safely begin repairing the line. She says hydropower wouldn't be restored for at least three months.

Juneau's electricity rates are certainly to increase as a result of the avalanche.

Wood says she wouldn't be surprised to see price of at least 50 cents per kilowatt hour on the May bill, up from 11 cents now.