Mass. Gov. Romney Has Harsh Words for Kerry

Republicans are hearing an attack on John Kerry (search) that — if it doesn't hit close to home, at least it comes from there.

The governor of Kerry's home state of Massachusetts — Mitt Romney (search) — joined other speakers in portraying Kerry as a waffler who can't make up his mind on matters of war and peace.

In a reference to Kerry's wife — the Heinz ketchup heiress — Romney said, "This nation can't afford presidential leadership that comes in 57 varieties."

Responding to Democratic convention speakers who said Kerry was always the one to say, "Send me" — Romney told delegates that if America wants someone who voted for dozens of tax hikes, it should "send in John Kerry."

And he says if voters want a friend of the trial lawyers — they should send in John Edwards (search), too. If Edwards doesn't like hearing that — Romney says — "sue me."