If you can believe Matt Drudge, Martha Stewart has finally gone off the deep end.

Drudge reports that a source close to Martha insists she believes the reason she has problems with the Feds is... that vast right-wing conspiracy.

I'm not kidding. She says the Republicans are out to get her because she raised money for Democrats.

I know a thing or two about prosecutors and how they work, and I can ironclad guarantee that Martha Stewart is not about to get nailed because she raised a few bucks for Al Gore.

What the Feds would say is she is being nailed to demonstrate that they — the Feds — despise being lied to. When you lie to them, as Martha evidently did, they come down on you with all four feet.

Is Martha being chased around and fitted for prison orange because she's the worst of the worst in this CEO crook caper? No. She's relatively nothing — a nudnik who was trying to save a $40,000 investment that landed her in the middle of a corporate malfeasance stink and cost her a few hundred million dollars.

Martha is not being flogged because the Republicans don't like her sex life — whatever that may be, and please don't tell us — or because they don't like the checks she writes to politicians who waste it and lose.

She is not being targeted because there really is what Hillary Clinton warned us of: a vast right-wing conspiracy designed to bring down the best and the brightest of the limousine liberals. If that were the case, the conspiracy would be working on Hillary, not Martha.

Martha inflates herself — if that is still possible — with this notion that she is a target worth knocking off in the great political wars.

Personally, I didn't know Martha had politics. (What is the perfect table setting for an Election Night victory bash?)

This is about stupidity redoubling itself at each opportunity. Martha invested in disease curing. Her expertise is gracious living. She allegedly jumped at insider information. She should have sat tight and lost $40,000 to save $200 million. She also allegedly lied to the Feds when she should have told the truth.

Martha is being prosecuted because she may have lied about her selling-off of ImClone stock, and for that reason, the Feds will nail her.

But... that not being the worse crime there ever was — and certainly not the worse of the CEO crowd — the Feds will be satisfied with completely humiliating her, and then throwing her back, like fishermen throw back the fish that are just too small.

That's My Word.

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