Mark Fuhrman Analyzes Missing Nevada Coed Crime Scene

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Our producer, Tim Silfies, went back to the crime scene very late last night. He shot this video to find out what a potential kidnapper could see from the street. Here's what he discovered. You can see directly into the house. You can clearly see the couch, the couch that Brianna was sleeping on. Now, this glass front door was unlocked during the night Brianna vanished. You can also see the couch through the glass door in the back.

Former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman analyzed the crime scene.


MARK FUHRMAN, FMR LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE, FOX ANALYST: We're in front of 1395 McKay (ph) Street. This is where Brianna Denison was last seen. She was on this couch. And if you can see through here, there's a little reflection, but let's just imagine at night, that reflection that we are seeing in the window isn't there. The couch that she was lying on is right there.

Let's move a little closer. Right here, here's the lock. It is a single-cylinder deadbolt. There's no key here. The entry. The door was unlocked, and as we can see here, the police have — this is fingerprint powder. All this gray graphite powder is fingerprint powder. They fingerprinted this door.

As we move in, this is the couch that Brianna was on that night. Now, when we turn around here, you can see the light switch right here. The light switch cover's got the same graphite powder. They fingerprinted that. And then as we move around the room — it's a rather small room. I'd probably say it's — this living area is probably 12 by 14, maybe even smaller than that, 10 by 12 —a small area, coffee table.

There is really no indication if Brianna had her head towards the right here of the couch or the left. We would assume that it was here.

This door, close proximity, right here: this is K.T. Hunter's bedroom. As you can see, she has a key entry lock here. This adjoins the kitchen. There are three other bedrooms and three other bathrooms upstairs. Every one of the bedrooms here has a bathroom. There are three bedrooms upstairs.

There are two male roommates. Both were in Oakland, California at the time of that Saturday night and Sunday morning of the discovery of Brianna missing.

Melissa, the female roommate that also lives upstairs, she was not at home at that time. The only person that was actually a living resident here was K.T. Hunter, and, as we have heard, the door was unlocked, and it was a habit of K.T. to leave the door unlocked. It appears sometimes people didn't have keys, and, of course, her door has a lock on it, so she locked that door.

And this was, by the other roommates' statement, usually locked after 10 or 11 at night, but that could be changed by anyone who came and went.

Now, this back door is about 14 feet, 15 feet to back door. It also has a single-cylinder deadbolt, a turnstile on the inside there, which means that with this glass, it is not very high security. You can simply break the glass and reach and turn the turnstile.

The sliding glass door behind us—as you can see, there are three entries to this area here. As we look in here, there is a stick that is in the sliding glass door. We can show you right here.

It is not down, and there is no indication that it was that night. Right now, this door is open, and loose.

That is the situation inside at 1395 McKay, and it is, by the statement of the other roommates, it is fairly after the morning that she was discovered missing, this is fairly similar to the way it was then.


VAN SUSTEREN: Mark Fuhrman joins us live in Nevada. Mark, in looking at this scene, were there any clues to indicate that she simply did not walk out? For instance, where is herself a, her wallet? We know that her car wasn't there, but did she leave a cell phone and a wallet there?

FUHRMAN: Greta, what is really odd about it is that it is kind of a college, residential area. It was very cold out.

And I talked to a police officer that said they swept the area with a canine dog. The canine dog is not keying in on her sent anywhere outside. They went even into the abandoned buildings and apartments, and nothing.

So I think that is a greater indication than any speculation that we can make. If a canine can't pick it up, we certainly can't by even looking at it.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right.

Do you have any more information about the blood spot on the pillow, how big it was, and whether or not they are even certain it is blood at this point?

FUHRMAN: There really isn't. I think it was confirmed early on, and there was blood on a pillow. We tried to find out exactly what color pillowcase it was. We were unable to do that, but I guess it was light enough colored to determine from a novice that it was blood.

The stuffed animal was gone, and you kind of wonder if, perhaps, that stuffed animal had more blood than the pillow did. But, of course, that would be pure speculation.

The confirmation is there, but we can't find information that furthers that.

VAN SUSTEREN: You can't see this video, but Tim Silfies(ph) went out last not and shot video to see if you were standing outside whether you could see her sleeping on the couch.

And we are looking at the video right now: if you were outside, you could see someone outside get on that couch, especially if there is a light turned on, and that seems pretty evident. And you have already showed us those three entrances.

We were told last night, Mark, that there were to other assaults in the area within the last two months in the middle of the night. So, obviously, this spikes our interest in whether or not there is someone who is stalking the area. What is the area like?

FUHRMAN: Well, you know, it is not a—I wouldn't call it an upper- middle class area. It is like a working-class neighborhood that has turned into, probably, mostly college rentals. It does not look like a bad area. There are a couple of pubs around, the college campus is nearby.

But when you think of these two other assaults, one rape and one attempted, you have to consider that the police on the one rape probably have some level of forensics that they would be able to compare with any forensics—hair fiber, or anything else they recovered from this scene or any place in the house. And they did have their crime scene unit over there.

So they have stated that it does not match the M.O. And, of course, in neither other of those attempts was there an attempt or a homicide, and the abduction was brief.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me ask you another quick question before I let you go. Is there any river around there? I am sure she is out party; maybe she had something to drink, maybe she got up and walked out and walked into a river or something else near.

Is there any dangerous area near the home if you have had too much to drink or you are very sleepy?

FUHRMAN: If you walked out of the house and you were drunk and almost blind drunk, you would run into a driveway or a house or a car. One-quarter of a mile to the northwest, it looks like there is a building are, a quarry. That is quite a ways for a young lady to be walking barefoot on a cold night like that.

But I want to say, Greta, that we are discovering that there was a little bit more partying then everybody is really reporting, and I think a little less coherence that we have heard previously reported.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, and I am sure you will get to the bottom of that tomorrow and join us tomorrow night with that. Mark, thank you.

FUHRMAN: Thank you, Greta.

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