Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Ray Romano all in the big money greenish glow of The Foxlight.

Mariah Carey almost lost it again, this time over a joke in a VH1 special. A spook of the Total Request Live appearance where Carey did a strip tease and handed out popsicles was cut from the show. Producers says VH1 bowed to pressure from Mariah. VH1 says the gag came out because of time constraints. Uh-huh. Meanwhile, Mariah will perform at next year's Super Bowl under heightened security. Not because of Mariah, but because it's the first post 9/11 Super Bowl.

Speaking of young musical stars who don't mind undressing: Britney Spears isn't saying oops to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They're using her in that ongoing campaign telling folks she'd rather go naked than wear fur. But is this the right message for someone as young as Britney to expose? Showing the millions of young women who buy her records her naked body? Oops indeed.

How much does CBS really love Raymond? Romano isn't sure if he wants to stay with the show when his contract is up. He's signed for one more season after this one. He says it's 50-50 if he'll stay after that. Translation? Ca-ching! He figures CBS will offer him lots of money to stay. Romano says, "they'll back up the truck. My wife is going to see it, and she's going to drive me to work." He means the money truck.