Marathon Runner and Black Belt Tennis Player Catches Thief

A burglar was no match for a Florida marathon runner and karate black belt.

On Friday morning Margo Foster returned home from tennis practice to find an intruder rummaging through her bedroom, Florida's Sun-Sentenil reported Sunday.

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In an interview with the newspaper, Foster said without thinking twice she ran through the house and chased the surprised man out to the backyard, and didn't stop for seven-blocks.

Foster caught up with the intruder as he began to climb the 6-foot-high wooden fence in the yard. She said she "grabbed him by the neck, ripped him off the fence.. threw him to the ground, and put my knee to his chest," it was reported.

In her white tennis shirt, Foster struggled with the man only until the burglar dropped a bag filled with her property. After that, he took off running again, the report said.

"Go ahead and run," the former yacht detailer yelled at the retreating robber. "You're not going to get away from me. I've been running for 40 years."

Police eventually caught up with the man after Foster flagged down a motorist, who called police, the newspaper reported.