Man's GPS Leads Him Into Path of Oncoming Train

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A computer consultant apparently put too much faith in the GPS technology in his rental car: It took him onto rail tracks as a train barreled toward him.

The driver had turned right, as the global positioning system advised, and the car got stuck on the tracks at the crossing. He jumped out and tried to warn the engineer by waving.

He got out of the way just before the train slammed into the car at 60 mph, Metro-North Railroad spokesman Dan Brucker said Thursday. The car was pushed more than 100 feet during the fiery crash.

Some 500 train passengers were stranded for more than two hours during the Wednesday evening rush hour. No injuries were reported.

The accident heavily damaged 250 feet of rail, Brucker said.

The railroad identified the 32-year-old driver as Bo Bai, who had a California driver's license with a Sunnyvale address but told police he was living in Fishkill, N.Y.

There was no telephone listing for Bai in Sunnyvale, Fishkill or the surrounding areas.