Man Writes Obscene Messages In Blue Paint, Forgets To Wash Up

Police say they caught a vandal blue-handed.

Austin Roberson, 18, failed to wash his hands after threatening and obscene messages were spray-painted in blue on a residence and a McDonald's restaurant, authorities said.

After receiving a description of the suspect's vehicle, police stopped a vehicle driven by Roberson. He first denied that he was involved, but officers spotted blue paint on his hands and saw blue fingerprints on the bill of his cap, Detective Steve Weaver said.

A blue paint can, a stolen stop sign and bottles of vodka and rum were found in Roberson's vehicle, Weaver said.

Roberson was arrested on charges of suspicion of felony criminal mischief, terroristic threatening, minor in possession of alcohol and theft by receiving. Weaver said damage was estimated at $8,000.