Man With 'Rotting Blood' Disease Hopes to Walk Again

A man in India suffering from a disease marked by chronic high blood pressure in the legs hopes to walk again following an operation, the Times of India reported.

Amit Kumar Gupta, 35, suffers from a rare disease called chronic venous insufficiency and has not walked on his own in six years.

He recently underwent surgery at the Balrampur Hospital, reported to be the first such surgery in a government hospital.

Dr. Rishi Saxena, who performed the operation, said that chronic venous insufficiency is a condition in which the veins in the leg cannot pump enough blood back to the heart, the Times wrote.

The condition results in waste blood accumulating and subsequently rotting in the veins. Boils and blisters sometimes develop and can turn into gangrene. This sometimes leads to amputation of the feet, the doctor said.

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