Man Wakes From Coma When Wife Tells Him He Became a Grandfather

After David Russell spent two weeks in a coma, he proved some things are worth waking up for.

Russell finally opened his eyes when his wife whispered in his ear that he had just become a grandfather for the first time, the Daily Mail reported.

Doctors had cautioned Helen Russell that her 60-year-old husband did not have a good prognosis, and now against all odds he is making a full recovery after hearing about the new addition to the family.

Russell was induced into a coma two weeks ago after he fell 12-feet from a barn roof and had to undergo a five-hour operation to remove a blood clot from his brain. He was unable to come out of the coma after the surgery.

Doctors told Helen Russell that if her husband did wake up, he would probably have serious brain damage. But when he heard the words, “Come on granddad you have got to wake up now,” Russell stirred in his hospital bed and winked at his wife.

“The doctors didn't even think that he would survive the operation, which was absolutely horrific news to be given,” Helen Russell said. “When he failed to come out of an induced coma they said the best case scenario was that he would be brain damaged and severely impaired.”

David Russell is expected to make a full recovery, and is currently starting rehabilitation.

”He’s incredibly proud and thrilled to be a grandfather,” Helen Russell said.

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